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Our journey is a story you will be familiar with. It all started when Graham and myself, Dee, bought our first family home! At the time, we were a family of three and soon to be four because I was pregnant with my second child. We were living in our apartment which was never intended to be for more than Graham and I but, time flew by and we really struggled to find that home which ticked all the boxes. However, being pregnant with my second meant we needed to find somewhere to live fast!

So, we bought a property that was unliveable. I am certain a fox would not have felt comfortable there either. Let’s help you set the scene; one must imagine mouldy carpets that have never been replaced, a glass conservatory from the 80s with a leaky roof. Moreover, 70s wallpaper as though it resembles an Austin Powers movie poster. It was Horrendous!

Despite the appearance and poor facilities, I could see the beauty within the structure and the flow of the house, the stairwell, the ceiling heights and the space of the bedrooms. I was sold (despite our parents’ horror!) and I was super excited to just get stuck into the detail of transforming our house into our dream home.

Graham and I naturally fell into the roles that played to our strengths. So, coming from a finance and Project Management background, Graham naturally started orchestrating and maintained good and clear communication with our builders to ensure everything was running on track and the builders were aware of all the interior detail, which isn't always captured in a simple planning application. Whereas, coming from a design background, I dived deep into the architectural design, planning and interiors. My natural eye for detail and perfection allowed me to transform this house into a modern, chic, spacious home whilst respecting and restoring the beauty of a 1930s build. The unliveable three-bedroom property was converted to a forever home incorporated a five double bedroom with a walk-in closet, playroom and open space kitchen and living room. Perfect for watching the little ones play while we entertain guests. As the years pass by, our kids will be able to grow up comfortable with so much space and privacy well into their teenage years.

As our dream home came to flourish and the project ended, our passion to continue to transform homes did not. Having dealt with the end to end process, I realised that there are so many people out there like us who are just not getting the support they need to make this process seamless and exciting as it should be and feel. Fast forward to today, Graham and I have an established business with a team of creative specialists to help us bring your dream home project to life!

My clients can advocate that we love getting into the weeds of the planning and the end-to-end process of drawings. Diligence allows me to maximise the space to its full potential.

We were able to create a formula that worked. This formular generated a project that transcended beyond our vision and has allowed us to grow an outstanding business with extremely satisfied clients. I have collaborated with them and guided them from beginning to end.

My clients can advocate that I love getting into the weeds of the planning and the end-to-end process of drawings. Diligence allows me to maximise the space to its full potential.

Let me make your longing a reality.

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