Creating an Entrance

Your entrance to your house plays a vital role in setting the scene to the rest of your house. No matter whether your entryway is narrow or wide, light or dark, there are a few hacks that we love to use time and time again. Here are a few tricks that will help you bring your entrance to life.


1. Shape your space

Adding a rug to the centre of your entryway can help bring out the space and create a template for the area you will use to bring to life. A rug is a great way to add warmth and texture to a space.


2. Create a Focal Point

Whether you have space for a console table or just a picture, drawing your eyes to a focal point in your entryway will create a warm and welcoming first impression.



3. Think storage

Whether it’s letters or shoes, we are all guilty of clutter in your entrance at some point. Adding woven baskets is a great way to hide away those shoes whilst having something beautiful and a shapely element to add to your entryway.


4. Add colour

Adding a beautiful plant onto your console table or one that just stands alone can really balance and brighten up your hallway. The colour along with the height can really change the warmth as you enter into your home.



5. Sculpture is detail

Bringing some shapes into your entryway can be the key to making your entrance look like it has been carefully curated together. Sculptural elements such as books, ceramic lamps or decor is a nice finishing touch.