The guest cloakroom is a place I feel makes a great impression with your guests. In London, we aren’t very blessed with a lot of space so, making this small cloakroom not feel like a clinical, cold space can be a challenge.

Here are my top tips:

So, when designing this space, the layout is something to be really mindful of. You want to fit all your essentials in the space that you have without it feeling claustrophobic. 

Try to create as much floor space as possible - Adding wall hung toilets and vanity units which aren’t on the floor create a great sense of space as you are not covering all the ground space.

Oversized Mirror - This can be a nice way to reflect light in the room and open up the space. 

Make a statement - Having a focal point in your cloakroom and making it a statement can draw your guests attention to this and the detail rather than the size of your cloakroom.

A dreamy handwash - who doesn’t love a good fragrant handwash. My go to is Aesop handwash soap. The citrus woody aroma of the Resurrection Aromatique Hand wash never fails with the guests.