We often pay over the market price for a house which is ready to move into. With the cost of living rising, budget and spending smart being at the top of everyone’s priority, many of us are looking to buy a house that can be transformed into a house that can have potential.

Visualising the end result can be a struggle but there are some things that need to be considered. Here are some of my top tips of things to consider when deciding on your renovation project.

  1. When looking for houses, the first thing you have to ask yourself is, would the house need gutting or can it satisfy your needs with a simple extension and renovation. The costs can drastically go up from one to another so, ensure this is at the forefront of your mind when viewing houses. 
  2. Do you like the front of your house? Ie window shape, sizes, is it rendered, do you like the brick colour. There are certain things you can change, some things you cannot so, make sure you are happy with the structural aspects that cannot be changed.
  3. Visualising the end result can be a struggle. Think how you want to use and live in that space. Do you tend to host a lot of dinner parties or perhaps you want a space where you can watch your kids play whilst cooking. This will help you understand and visualise whether you can adapt your new house into the space you live and call your home. 

If all the above ticks the boxes, then go get that house and let’s turn it around for you.